European Street Food Awards

The European Street Food Awards is one of the most prestigious events in Europe’s foodie calendar. The awards are given to the best street food vendors across the continent, and they’re judged by a team of international leading experts who will choose the best European street foods of the year.

The European Street Food Awards partner with more than 15 brands and each one runs a national competition; their champions will then participate in the final event in Munich. This is a great event for anyone interested in European food culture or being involved in a fun day out with friends and family.

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The European Street Food Awards

The European Street Food Awards are one of the most important events in Europe’s foodie calendar, with street food vendors from all around the continent coming together to celebrate their craft.

The awards take place in Munich, Germany—the birthplace of Oktoberfest—and have become an annual festival for international street food enthusiasts. The event will be held between October 7 and 9 this year at Sugar Mountain, Helfenriederstraße 12 81379 Munich, Germany.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, a federal state in southeastern Germany. It’s also home to Oktoberfest and FC Bayern Munich, one of Europe’s top football clubs—and it’ll be your host for this year’s European Street Food Awards!

Street food is big business in Europe

European cities are embracing the vibrant culture of street food, with London and Paris being among the most popular. But other European cities have also become known for their hipster street food markets. Copenhagen is one such city, where a growing number of craft beer bars have been joined by a thriving street food scene. Berlin is another major European city that has embraced its urban setting to create a unique culinary experience for visitors. In cities like London, Manchester and Dublin, new street food restaurants are opening every day—and they’re proving that people want more than just burgers and fries on their doorstep.

The rise of street food is partly due to the recession: people are looking for cheaper ways to eat out and fast-food chains have been forced to become more creative with their menus if they want to stay afloat in this tough economic climate. European chefs have also started putting their own spin on classic recipes like tacos or burritos by adding local ingredients or experimenting with different cooking methods.

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The European Street Food Awards is an international competition that aims to promote street food as a popular culinary trend, as well as highlight its importance for the local economy and culture. This event is organized by Food Mutiny, a team of experienced street food professionals. They are passionate about the power of street food to engage young and old, rich and poor, in the UK. For 12 years they have been running the hugely successful British Street Food Awards.

The event celebrates the best street food from across Europe, offering attendees the opportunity to try some of the finest snacks, sweets and meals that have been carefully crafted by passionate chefs. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savoury, there’s something for everyone at this popular festival.

The European Street Food Awards is one of the most prestigious food competitions in Europe and will take place in Munich, Germany. It is a great way to experience European food culture and be involved in a fun day out with friends and family and it is an opportunity for street food vendors to gather together and share their culinary skills with the world. The event will be held over two days in October 2022 at the Sugar Mountain. Visitors can enjoy live music performances as well as workshops on sustainable living while they taste delicious dishes from across Europe’s biggest cities – such as London and Paris!

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