New York street food

When visiting New York City, you’ll find it hard to resist the delicious street food that’s available around every corner. Whether it’s a hot dog or falafel, there are plenty of options for eating on the go. But if you’re looking for something more than just snacks and junk food, what should you do?

Street Food in NYC neighborhoods

One of the things New York City is known for is its street food. In many neighborhoods, you can find hot dog and falafel vendors, taco trucks or dozens of different types of food carts. It’s one thing to say that street food is popular in New York City; it’s another thing to actually try some!

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New Yorkers often have their own opinions about what makes an exceptional street vendor dish. Some people prefer hot dogs at Nathan’s Famous on Coney Island; others prefer pizza slices from a hole-in-the-wall place near Carnegie Hall; still others like the falafel served by a guy named Samir on West 116th Street.

One thing that all these foods have in common is that they are delicious!

Eating on the Street: an experience

  • A lot of people argue that eating on the street is an experience you should sample while visiting the city. This makes sense if you are a tourist, but if you live here, why not try eateries with better bathrooms, nicer decor and more staff?
  • You can tell from the first bite whether food will taste good or not. Some restaurants have so much experience making great meals that it never crosses your mind that anything could go wrong.

New York street food is very fast

New York street food is also great because it’s usually very fast, and you can be in and out of a restaurant within ten minutes. In the city, people eat fast because they’re always running from place to place—they don’t want to waste their time waiting around for food! So even if you don’t like what’s being served at one stand, there will likely be another one right next door with something better for you.

The best part of eating New York street food? You can tell right away whether or not it will taste good! Sometimes when eating out at restaurants, it takes multiple bites before you know what direction your meal is going in: sometimes dishes are just okay (and sometimes they’re terrible). But with street fare—you get that first bite and immediately know whether or not this is going to be delicious!

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Eat while traveling abroad

If there’s something in particular I want to eat while traveling abroad then I’ll search online for restaurants nearby and see if they serve it before spending any money on buying street food that may or may not be good!

If you’re just looking for something quick, cheap, and tasty then head to the streets. But if you want something a bit more formal with higher quality ingredients then look for a restaurant. You can always grab some snacks on your way back from sightseeing or hit up an upscale place once the sun sets!

I think that if you’re really looking for a good meal, you should go to a restaurant. It’s much more convenient and there are so many options that your taste buds will be happy! Don’t worry about the price either because most places offer great deals on their meals throughout the week (especially during lunchtime). Plus, most restaurants have menus online so if you’re traveling abroad or somewhere new then it’s easy to find out what they serve before spending any money buying street food that may or may not be good!

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