How to eat Street Food without getting sick

While street food is one of the best ways to get a taste of local cuisines, it also poses some risks. You need to know how to choose safe food from unsafe vendors if you want to enjoy all the deliciousness of street food without getting sick.

1. Look at the food

If you see a street stall that’s busy, it’s usually because the food is good. Look at what people are eating and see if it looks fresh, clean, well cooked and well prepared. If anything looks off or smells off, don’t eat there!

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2. The way of being cooked

The way of being cooked is important because it can make food safe or unsafe. When you are eating street food, you should take into account the way of cooking that food to be safe for your health. For example, if the product is deep-fried or grilled at high temperatures, this may cause some dangerous carcinogens to form in its surface which may be absorbed by your body when you eat them. Another thing about street foods is that they are often contaminated with microbes and bacteria because they are not stored under proper conditions before serving.

3. The cleanliness of the Street Food vendors

The first thing to do is look at the cleanliness of the vendor’s hands. The second thing you should look at is the cleanliness of their food. If you see them handling raw meat, make sure that their hands are clean and dry.

You can also take a look at how they prepare the food and store it. There should be no cross-contamination happening in their kitchen or while they are preparing your dish or serving it to you on a plate or in a plastic box with a lid on top of it so that everything is fresh when someone orders from them because if there is any doubt about its freshness then I would rather not eat from them than risk getting sick because street vendors have gotten rid of using gloves since many years ago before gloves became part of our lives which means that we now have more bacteria on our hands than ever before!

4. The hygiene of the preparers

  • Check the hygiene of the preparers. Look at their hands to see if they are clean or not. If you can see dirt under their nails, they may not have washed their hands properly. Also, look at the preparation area. Is there any dirt or grime? If yes, this place might be dirty and unsafe for eating street food.
  • Look at how the food is being cooked and prepared for you on the spot: are there any signs of cross-contamination (e.g., raw chicken touching cooked pork)?
  • Check whether there are any flies buzzing around or cockroaches crawling over something that is going to be served in front of you very soon! It goes without saying that these pests should never come anywhere near your food once it has been prepared—even if it means giving up some great tasting delicacies from your favorite street vendor!

You do not have to avoid street food as long as you know how to choose safe food to buy.

  • Know what to look for when buying street food
  • Look for a clean stall with facilities that are easy to access
  • Avoid vendors who do not have running water, soap and toilet paper. A vendor with poor hygiene is likely selling unsafe products.
  • Do not buy from vendors who do not provide utensils or offer disposable gloves while serving food. Cloth gloves are the best option as they can be easily washed and reused multiple times without compromising hygiene standards of the vendor.
  • Choose vendors who use fresh ingredients which are chilled before being cooked, especially meat items such as chicken or beef curries and soups (especially seafood soups).

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If you want to enjoy street food, it is important to take some precautions. This can help you avoid getting sick from eating the wrong foods. It is also important to understand that not all food sold in a market or on the street is safe for consumption. However, if you follow these rules, then eating outside can be a delicious experience without any health risks!

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