Street Food in Paris

Street food in Paris is not always the most glamorous, but it can be extremely delicious. With a little luck, you’ll find a sandwich that will change your life! We’ve put together this list of our favorite Parisian street foods to help you navigate the city’s many culinary offerings.


Crepes are a traditional French food. They’re made from a thin, round crepe batter and usually eaten with a sweet filling, like chocolate or fruit. You can find crepes in many places in Paris:

  • On the streets of Montmartre at night, where they are called pancakes (crepes au sucre)
  • At street fairs
  • In restaurants and cafes

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Falafel is a fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. Falafel is a popular street food in Paris and a vegetarian option for those on the go.


Moules-frites Street Food

Moules-frites (mussels and fries) is a classic French dish that you can find in many restaurants. It’s also popular as street food, so you might be able to try it out near the Seine River or at some of the best restaurants in Paris.


A panini is a sandwich made with two slices of bread, and filled with a variety of ingredients. It can be made with any combination of meat, cheese, vegetables and sauces. The ingredients are usually heated in a panini press until they’re browned and crispy on the outside and warm on the inside.

It’s easy to find cheap paninis in Paris: several cafés serve them as part of their menus for less than €5! If you want to try one for yourself, here are some suggestions:

  • Le Pain Quotidien: serves breakfast all day long! Try their traditional Americano (coffee) or fresh mint tea served in an elegant glass teapot – €3-6 per person depending on what you order
  • Café 80UP FRANCE: serves vegetarian paninis made from fresh vegetables like avocado slices or alfalfa sprouts – €4-5 per person

Croque monsieur

A croque monsieur is a French sandwich made with toasted bread and melted cheese. The name comes from the French word for ham, “croque.” The sandwich is usually topped with béchamel sauce and a fried egg. It’s served with french fries.

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Canard roti

Canard roti street food
Canard Roti

The canard roti is a French dish of roast duck. It is often served in a red wine sauce and accompanied by a side of potatoes or vegetables. Canard roti can be found at restaurants or from street vendors throughout Paris.

The name “canard” comes from the French word for duck (“canard”), while “roti” means roasted in French.

Le feuillete de volaille et champignons (chicken and mushrooms in puff pastry)

This is a dish of chicken and mushrooms in puff pastry. You can buy it from any number of street food vendors in Paris. It’s delicious, but there is some preparation involved: you have to wait for the pastry to bake and then you have to eat it hot!

The ingredients include chicken, mushrooms, puff pastry (with or without butter), salt, pepper, olive oil and spices like thyme or rosemary. The process involves pre-cooking the chicken with salt and pepper on the stovetop until it’s done; meanwhile sautéing chopped mushrooms in large quantities of olive oil until they’re browned; then combining these ingredients with some herbs like thyme or rosemary along with some more salt and pepper before topping them off with an egg wash — this helps make sure that everything stays together inside the crispy shell during baking later on when you take your creation home from being cooked fresh on site at one of many stalls set up throughout Parisian suburbs each day.

If you want one yourself though don’t expect a bargain as prices are high due – but as someone who likes eating this kind of thing I think they’re worth every cent because eating something unique while also enjoying its taste makes eating worthwhile!

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Orecchiette a la creme (small pasta shells with cream sauce)


  • 2 cups of heavy cream, divided into 1 cup and 1/2 cup
  • 1 cup shredded gruyere cheese, divided into 1/4 cup and 3/4 cup
  • 8 oz orecchiette pasta (or any small egg pasta), cooked according to package instructions in salted water until al dente
  • 1 tablespoon butter, melted with 2 teaspoons olive oil for the sauce

Pizza slice

  • Pizza slice: A pizza that’s cut into slices and sold by vendors on the streets of Paris.
  • Chocolate eclair: The chocolate-filled pastry is a popular street food in Paris.

Street food in Paris can be delicious, but you have to know where to look.

As we’ve established, street food in Paris can be found everywhere. The city is full of restaurants, cafes and patisseries where you can eat whatever you like. But if you’re looking for something more exciting than a croissant or baguette, then look no further than the streets of Paris. From traditional French fare to international specialties and even vegan options galore—there’s something on every street corner!

If you’re in Paris and looking for a quick meal, consider trying some of these French street food favorites. You won’t regret it!

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