Most people think of Chicago as a city with a lot of great food. And they’re right. But, like any other major city, there are some places that just don’t get the attention they deserve when it comes to street food. So we asked our friends on social media what their favorite spots are and which neighborhoods they recommend visiting if you want to find the best street food in Chicago.

There are plenty of reasons why I love eating on the street in this amazing city:

  1. Street food is cheap! You can grab a delicious meal for just $5 or less.
  2. There’s plenty of variety! You can find everything from tacos to tamales, sausages to souvlaki – there’s something for everyone.
  3. It’s fast and convenient! No need to sit down at a restaurant and wait for your order to be prepared – just stand in line and enjoy your food on the go!

If you’re looking for some authentic, delicious and inexpensive cuisine on the go, look no further than the streets of Chicago. The Windy City offers an incredible variety of food from all around the world. Whether you’re looking for something spicy from Mexico or Japan, creamy from Italy or Thailand, sweet from France or Puerto Rico – there’s a good chance that it can be found in Chicago. The city also has its own special flair: hot dogs with fries on top? Check! Deep-dish pizza? You bet! It’s not hard to find great street food here.

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Eataly is a great place to find street food, as it has a wide selection of options and is open until midnight. It’s also a good place for a date or with friends and family, so consider bringing your significant other or your parents here.

Daley Plaza

Daley Plaza is a great place to find street food. It is a good place to find food from all over the world, and it’s also a great place for people who want to try something new. Daley Plaza features food trucks that serve cuisine from all over the country and beyond. The plaza hosts farmers markets on weekends, so there will always be something new available at this location!

Wicker Park

Wicker Park is a great place to find street food. There are tons of different cultures represented, so you can find something from virtually every corner of the world, as well as many different locales within America.

It’s worth noting that the food trucks in Chicago are only open during the day, so if you’re looking for a late night snack after a long night out on the town, you’ll need to look elsewhere. In addition to these great eateries, there are also many other food trucks located throughout Chicago that serve everything from burgers to pizza.

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The best way to find out where the food trucks are is by checking out the Chicago Food Truck Association website. Just enter your location and it will tell you all of the trucks nearby and where they’re parked.

North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach, located in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, is a great place to hang out. The beach itself is large and has plenty of space for you to spend time with family or friends. The water at North Avenue Beach is clean and clear, making it an excellent location for swimming in the lake. The sand at North Avenue Beach is soft enough that you can feel comfortable walking on it barefoot without worrying about stepping on anything sharp like shells or rocks.

North Avenue Beach offers many different types of food options for its visitors including hot dogs from vendors selling food from their carts along with other types of food such as hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and french fries (potato wedges).

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Pilsen is a neighborhood in Chicago with a lot of history and culture. In the past few years, it’s also become known for its great street food options. Pilsen is home to many taco trucks and authentic Mexican restaurants that serve up delicious tacos. You can find these on both sides of Cermak Road, which runs through Pilsen. The neighborhood also has some great restaurants if you want to try something different!

I recommend visiting Pilsen if you like trying new foods or want to experience Chicago street food at its finest.

We hope this list has inspired you to explore some of the best street food in Chicago. Chicago is a beautiful city with so much to offer and we’re so happy that it’s starting to gain more recognition for its amazing food scene!

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