What is the most popular street food in the world?

Street food is a massive global phenomenon, and it’s difficult to imagine not being able to get a taste of it. Whether you’re in Thailand or New York City, you’ll find plenty of local street fare that will give you an authentic experience.

Street food scene

You may have heard of the street food scene in places like Thailand, Vietnam or China.

The popularity of street food can be attributed to a few factors.

First, it’s often cheap and tasty. Second, the ingredients are often local or seasonal, rather than processed or imported from far away countries. Third, street food is usually very portable; you can eat it on the go in a plastic bag or wrapper if necessary.

Regardless of what country you’re in, you’ll find people enjoying a popular street food item, or perhaps several. Some of these foods have been passed down through time and remain popular while others are modern creations.

Depending on where you live, street food may be more prevalent than not. In many places around the world, it’s an important part of the culture and is often reflective of local tastes and customs. In some cases, it’s even considered a national dish (like tacos in Mexico).

When it comes to food, there are so many different options out there. Some of them are popular and some of them aren’t, but we all have our favorites! What’s your favorite street food? In this article we’re going to explore what the most popular street food is in different countries around the world from Pho in Vietnam to hot dogs in Norway. Let’s get started!

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Vietnam most popular street food

Vietnam Street food
Vietnam Street food

In Vietnam, the most popular street food is a dish called Pho. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that’s made with rice noodles, herbs, spices and meat. The word “pho” actually means “noodle.” This dish has been eaten for hundreds of years in many parts of Asia and has become really popular across the world in recent years.

In Vietnam it’s often served with a side of fresh herbs and vegetables like coriander (cilantro) leaves or spring onions (scallions). Pho can be vegetarian or contain beef or chicken as well as any number of other ingredients such as ginger root or shrimp paste depending on your preference!

Thailand most popular street food.

Pad Thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish that can be found all over Thailand. It’s a popular street food, served at restaurants and street food stalls alike.

Pad Thai is made with eggs, shrimp, tofu and bean sprouts with peanuts and garlic. The ingredients are cooked in a wok along with tamarind water, fish sauce and sugar. The dish can also include chicken or beef instead of tofu if you prefer it that way!

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Taiwan most popular street food

The most popular street food in Taiwan is the Taiwanese night market or Xiaochi.

Xiaochi literally means “a snack” and it refers to a variety of small dishes available at night markets throughout Taiwan. The cuisine has been influenced by the Chinese, Japanese and Dutch settlers who once lived on this island. And while some of these dishes are inspired by other cultures (like the French), many have become distinctly Taiwanese and are even considered local delicacies.

A visit to a Taipei night market is an experience you won’t soon forget: there’s so much color! You’ll see rainbow colored drinks (and everything else), neon lights, people dressed up as anime characters and plenty of delicious food options—it’s enough to make your head spin!

Singapore most popular street food

Singapore Street Food
Singapore Street Food

Typically, Nasi Lemak is served with rice, fried chicken, peanuts and a spicy sauce. It’s typically eaten as breakfast but you can find it anywhere throughout the day.

In Singapore Nasi Lemak is a popular street food that can be found at hawker centers (open air market stalls) across the city. Hawker centers are considered an important part of Singaporean culture and history; they were established after World War II when many people returned home from working in other countries and opened food stalls to make money for their families.

Sweden most popular street food

In Sweden, the best street food in Stockholm comes from a restaurant called Barbecue.

Barbecue has a great atmosphere and serves delicious and affordable food year round. The restaurant is located right in the city centre so you can easily find it no matter where you’re staying while visiting Stockholm. It’s open for lunch and dinner every day of the week except Sunday when they’re closed for brunch instead!

Spain most popular street food

Churros are a popular street food in many Spanish-speaking countries. They are made from fried dough and served with a cup of hot chocolate, which is poured over the churros. Churros can be prepared at home, but they’re often served on the street as well. This treat is also popular in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.

South Korea most popular street food

South Korea has a great variety of street food, but the most popular ones include fish cakes and tteokbokki.

Fish cakes are made from fish such as cod or pollock, ground up with onions and eggs. They’re then shaped into small balls or squares before being pan-fried until they become golden brown.

Tteokbokki is a traditional Korean dish that’s been around since the 14th century! It’s made of rice cakes (tteok), kimchi and gochujang (fermented red pepper paste). The rice cakes are boiled in water for about 10 minutes until soft enough to eat but chewy still; then they’re fried along with kimchi until crispy on the outside while maintaining their soft texture inside. Finally add gochujang overtop to give it an extra kick!

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Russia most popular street food

A street food is a type of food that is sold in a public area, such as a street, park or beach. Usually the vendor does not have a fixed permanent location, and has to move around. The term “street food” also includes temporary vendors who may be established for only one day.

The most popular street foods are sausages and hot dogs. For example: meat patties (beef/chicken), smoked sausage or frankfurter sausage with mustard; or even just plain boiled potatoes in Russian winters!

Portugal most popular street food

People buying Pasteis de Belem
People buying Pasteis de Belem

This traditional Portuguese pastry is often eaten with coffee or tea. It is a small, round, custard-filled pastry that can be found in many different variations throughout the country. In addition to being delicious and creamy, it’s also very popular in Portugal.

The name Pastel de Belem comes from where these pastries were first baked: Belem (or Belém) Palace which was built as a royal residence for King Dinis I of Portugal between 1283 and 1325 by order of his wife Saint Elizabeth of Aragon. The palace has since been converted into an art museum but you can still find them at several bakeries around town!

Pakistan most popular street food

In Pakistan, Karachi has many different kinds of street foods but one of them is called Bun Kababs which are usually served with chutneys.

The name of this dish is Bun Kabab because it consists of a bun (bread) and kabab (meat). It’s also known as sandwich kebab or fast food kebab.

Bun Kababs are prepared with chicken tenders, onion rings and tomatoes between two buns. They can be eaten as an appetizer or main dish depending on how hungry you are!

Norway most popular street food

In Norway, hot dogs are actually very popular here in Oslo and they’re often served with ketchup and mustard sauce or sweet beetroot salad on top.

The most common type of hot dog is a spiced sausage cooked in a bun. The bun is usually eaten together with the sausage; however, some people prefer to eat the bun separately. The traditional Norwegian hot dog also usually comes with french fries or potato salad as a side dish (in addition to the condiments).

We hope you enjoyed reading about all these different types of street foods around the world! If you’re ever planning on traveling to one of these countries, definitely give them a try!

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