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Street food is a huge part of my life. It’s one of the best parts about being on vacation, and there’s nothing I love more than stumbling upon a new kind of street food that I’ve never tried before.

So I was wondering: what country has the best street food? Is it India? China? Italy? Thailand? Well, we’ll just have to look at the pros and cons of each country to figure it out!


India, the land of spices and saris, is famous for its delicious street food. The country has a rich tradition of preparing curries and other dishes with unique flavors that are blended together in a traditional way. This passion for culinary mastery can be seen in India’s many street food vendors who specialize in serving their own unique recipes through small stalls around the country. Indian street food is served on banana leaves and often accompanied by chutney (a spicy relish), which adds an extra kick to the meal.

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China is one of the earliest countries to have a long history of street food. This has led to an extremely diverse selection of dishes for you to try.

China’s street food options are split between vendors and stalls. Vendors are easy to spot by their portable kitchens, which can be different shapes and sizes depending on the type of food being cooked in them. Stalls also serve up all sorts of delicious treats but look more like small shops with a roof over them, so you can eat inside if it rains or get some air conditioning if it gets too hot outside (as it often does).


Singapore is a great place to eat. It’s not because of the street food, though.

Singapore has a lot of great food in general and it’s also very expensive.

While Singapore does have some good food, it is not the best country for street food or even the most popular country for it either.


Pizza is the most popular street food in Italy, so there’s no shortage of options. You can get pizza at any time of day or night—for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or even as an after-dinner snack. It’s also good for dessert. The toppings vary from region to region: you’ll find everything from potatoes and broccoli rabe on pizza in Naples to seafood on the Amalfi Coast. In Rome, it’s often topped with tomato sauce only (no cheese). Whatever your preference may be (or whichever region you’re in), pizza is a beloved staple of the Italian diet that has no doubt spread its way across the globe via expats’ homesickness for their native cuisine.


The Thai street food scene is known for its fresh ingredients and spices, but it’s also known for its affordability. In fact, you can get a filling lunch or dinner for between $2-$5 USD per person. It’s also worth noting that Thai street food comes in a variety of options: curries and noodle soups are popular choices, but there are also sweet desserts such as mango sticky rice and pineapple fried ice cream to look out for, too!

But perhaps most importantly of all, Thai street food has earned a reputation for serving up dishes fast—which makes sense since many vendors are based at markets where customers have only about 10 minutes to grab something to eat before the next stall opens up shop again.

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I think it’s time to go on a street food adventure!

The best part about street food is that it’s available all around the world, so you don’t have to go on a trip to try it. There are street vendors selling their wares in every country, and some cities have entire areas dedicated to street food!

In addition to being delicious, street food can be an adventure. You can try foods from different cultures and meet people from around the world. It’s like traveling without having to leave home!

Next time you’re on vacation, don’t forget to take a break from the tourist attractions and grab yourself some delicious street food from one of these countries. You’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste buds!

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